Early childhood education has a great influence and we want to use that influence well. When your child is at a tender age, choose a childcare provider that takes a holistic approach to learning.

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Our youth is where our life lessons begin.  Have you found the right place for your child?

Little Angels Preschool and Childcare invites your child to spend their primary years of learning with us. Our programs are based on a combination of the High Reach Curriculum and the Abeka Curriculum. Our educational line-up is predominantly influenced to cover the basics of learning and enhancing every child’s potential in various forms of art, science, arithmetic and other fields.

We believe that each one of us has a unique intelligence and the key is to find it, develop it to the fullest.  Little Angels Preschool and Childcare recognizes the need for a child to be independent as well as inter-dependent.  We give them avenues to practice focus in individual activities as well as foster social skills through group activities and group sports.  At Little Angels Preschool and Childcare, there is a great emphasis placed in the developmental process of children at young ages.  We take advantage of their youth and expose them to different experiences that promote curiosity as well as advancement in learning.

Our educational programs are designed for different levels of learning: infants, toddlers, pre-kindergarten (readiness program), pre-school and an after-school program for different ages.

To inquire about enrollment, please call (770) 968-8089.

It's summer! What do you have lined up for your child? Enroll with us at Little Angels Preschool and Childcare. We believe that it's fundamental to have fun. See you this summer...

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